Posted in April 2012

Rooibos On the Road

She scolded the water right out of the pot. Wanted a warm cup of rooibos with her morning read so bad, she blazed the burner on high and ran straight upstairs where she got back On the Road with Jack Kerouac. Pages pushed on, and through Jack’s eyes she swirled into the dizzying party scenes of … Continue reading

Stay with It to let It go

Breathe out the past Breathe in to taste Breathe out not fast Breath in  with pace Breathe in acceptance Breathe out fever Breathe in his presence Breathe out to leave her Breathe in to simply be Breathe out when air is stale Breathe in to be free Breathe out when frail Breathe in to feel … Continue reading

Brushing Teeth and Burning Matches

While violently brushing my teeth, I looked in the mirror. For a moment, my reflection wore nothing but your boxers. Once upon a time, I said that you brush your teeth like my dad. “Like how? Violently?” you garbled through a foamy grin. I looked back in the mirror, and you were gone. I remembered … Continue reading