Dream of Bodhi Cody G

It was a summertime stoop kind of day-dream. Me and sweet, shaggy Sandy soft as micro suede sat soaking in the sunshine, when Bodhi Cody G walked by and glanced over with glacier ice blue eyes. He stopped at our step.

In his eyes were skies he gazed upon in 100 places and oceans of far away coasts he surfed. In them I saw the stars he wished upon a time, and the wakefulness and revelation of someone who almost died once.

He smiled. A smile he may have smiled to say hello to a native of some small island with a name hard to pronounce for someone who speaks American English. We spoke of interesting things, mostly about lands we had seen together at different times in space.

And all the while he never took his gaze away from mine. My eyes maybe reflected the rich browns of soil I once stepped in that stained my shoes in Peru. They may have twinkled the same kind of twinkles that dot the city of Barcelona when the sun sinks behind the sea. Maybe the heart-break of Brazil, and of my life…

Who knows what he was looking at. It for sure wasn’t Sandy. What ever it was, I’m glad he found it fascinating.

© 2012 Bernadette Ignacio

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