Posted in July 2012


My heart explodes with loads of thanks. I give gratitude to those who show love. Through words is the only way I know of… For you I’ll write it all down, make personal history with you as my heroes and heroines. You are my withinspirations. So please, continue the journey with me. Because our destinations are all … Continue reading

Key Beat

Time to flow on the keys with ease. Not thinking, just linking that letter and this, to the hard fast beat of soul music. Tribal sounds underground, in through the heart to the head and into the sky. Fly with the way, the pulse makes you react, it is fact, that souuuuuuuund, is God. Odd, … Continue reading

What Ray Bradbury Said

Last night I read what Ray Bradbury said, That one needs speed to feed the appetite of a hungry writing spirit. “In hesitation is thought” he said, His words now ringing through my head . But even more rapidly through my keys, So far I can say that I’m pleased. His advice rings of some … Continue reading