Key Beat

Time to flow on the keys with ease. Not thinking, just linking that letter and this, to the hard fast beat of soul music. Tribal sounds underground, in through the heart to the head and into the sky. Fly with the way, the pulse makes you react, it is fact, that souuuuuuuund, is God. Odd, isn’t though?… To think of God as something you know. The 1st sense you use in you r mother’s womb, and the sound of your last breath before the tomb. So why not invest, in the test to make heavenly noise, for girls and boys all residing the in the adult versions of themselves wanting to get lost in the dark, just find a spark from the rhythm the makes your feet jump, your heat pump. So go, go with that drum, feel the sum, of all your parts, the four corners of your heart, until it feels robust, and round, breaking down the  box like shape that you must escape. Feel the speed of energy within, spin and spin and spin until you’re dizzy and can’t see  in only one direction, but instead in whole perfection.

Now be still, understand that the thrill only leads to the place where want to be. Free.


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