Black and Blue

Telephone lines Are the human scar Upon the beautiful blue face Of Father Sky     © 2012 Bernadette Ignacio ~~~ Hi Friend! Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn !!!~~~ Advertisements

Brazilian Bus Stop, Destination: Emotional Murder

I arrived, stepped off the bus in a slice of small town Brazil as he once called it. Not a trace of him anywhere… Bathroom. Freshen face. Fluff hair. Smell unforgettable. After my last-minute makeover, I emerged from the doorway ready. And there he was. Tunnel vision sucked me into them ever-green eyes framed with … Continue reading

Go Stop Guilt

Breaks are breaks for goodness sake Do not guilt if one doesn’t make This or that, busy like a rat We are not machines. © 2012 Bernadette Ignacio ~~~ Hi Friend! Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn !!!~~~

Dream of Bodhi Cody G

It was a summertime stoop kind of day-dream. Me and sweet, shaggy Sandy soft as micro suede sat soaking in the sunshine, when Bodhi Cody G walked by and glanced over with glacier ice blue eyes. He stopped at our step. In his eyes were skies he gazed upon in 100 places and oceans of far … Continue reading


The sun is sinking And I am thinking What a life to live. On the road With  no abode Collecting only stories to give. © 2012 Bernadette Ignacio ~~~ Hi Friend! Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn !!!~~~

The Lost Mountains of Manila

Manila. A cluster-fucked, dirt stained city whose main attraction is the super-duper, spend money you don’t have, mega Mall of Asia. It’s what happens to a place when the masses turn rotten from lack of green trees, clean air and hyper commercialism. For all the unbelievable beauty I left behind in Palawan, there too, must be … Continue reading


Travelers are greeters Travelers are meeters Like the wind, Travelers have gust. Travelers are writers Travelers are fighters Travelers have trust. Travel with her Travel with him Travel with the unknown. Travel dirt paths, airways, jungles Travel rivers, mountains, and cobble stone. Travel bags, travel pants, and meals True travelers leave it behind, seldom lie or steal. … Continue reading

The #1 Thing We All Want

“You don’t want me.” She whispered in the darkest dark. “Why?” he asked, trying to find light. “It won’t be easy, that’s all,” adding a glimmer in his night. He came with a blind kiss, and from that, a most marvelous spark. “Brian, I just told you. You don’t want to want me,” he tickled … Continue reading

Rooibos On the Road

She scolded the water right out of the pot. Wanted a warm cup of rooibos with her morning read so bad, she blazed the burner on high and ran straight upstairs where she got back On the Road with Jack Kerouac. Pages pushed on, and through Jack’s eyes she swirled into the dizzying party scenes of … Continue reading